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Omnilux Clear
Omnilux Clear
Omnilux Clear
Omnilux Clear

Omnilux Clear

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FDA-cleared, dermatologist-recommended red and blue light therapy mask with clinically-proven results for acne.

Clinically-Proven Benefits:

  • Reduces active acne and blemishes, redness & inflammation
  • Reduces and helps soften the appearance of acne scarring
  • Helps clear breakouts faster
  • All natural, no pain, side effects or downtime


  • Four 10-minute treatments per week for 6 weeks. Once the initial series is complete, use the device at the earliest signs of a breakout.

Tech Specs:

  • LED Type: Red and Blue
  • Wavelengths: 633nm and 415nm
  • Number of LEDs: 132 LEDs (2 per LED Bulb), 66 LED Bulbs
  • Weight: 600g (mask and controller)
  • Certifications: FDA, CE

Package includes:

  • Flexible Silicone Clear Device
  • Rechargeable battery controller
  • Power supply and plug adaptors
  • USB C lone to USB A connector
  • Head straps
  • Carry Bag
  • Built-in protective eye shields

What to Expect:

People who have undergone a course of 4 weekly treatments for 6 weeks using the Omnilux CLEAR™ report a reduction of mild to moderate acne vulgaris.


Some people are sensitive to light. Before using the Omnilux CLEAR™ to treat your acne vulgaris you must carry out a sensitivity test on your inner arm and wait 6 hours. If after purchasing the Omnilux CLEAR™ you find that you are photosensitive please return the device to the retailer within 45 days of purchase.

Potential Risks:

Immediately after treatment skin may appear red. Skin should return to normal within 1-2 hours. Some users have reported pigmentation, skin flaking or peeling, associated itchiness and dryness. This is short lived and clears within a few days.

Temporary headaches immediately following the light treatment. Headaches can be treated with an appropriate over the counter analgesic and rehydration.

This list although not exhaustive lists the most reported side effects.

Need to know:

Can I use Clear if I am also on Accutane?: We do not recommend the use of light therapy devices while taking this medication. If you have stopped taking the medication for at least 5 days, the treatment can be safely administered. If you are unsure, please consult your prescribing physician

Can I use Clear with my current skincare products?: Omnilux CLEAR is compatible with most skincare routines, however we do not recommend using your device in conjunction with Accutane or retinol products. We recommend speaking with your prescribing physician before using the Omnilux CLEAR with prescribed products.

Can I use Clear if I'm pregnant or breastfeeding?: Our products have not been studied in pregnant or breastfeeding women. Red and blue light therapy is very safe overall but because we do not have enough information about use while pregnant or breastfeeding, we recommend not using unless approved by your doctor. 

Is Clear safe for all ages?: Omnilux CLEAR is intended for all persons over 14 years of age. 


Please consult the Self check assessment guide in the images above.

DO NOT use the Omnilux CLEAR™ for any other conditions other than mild to moderate acne vulgaris (detailed in the above chart). The Omnilux CLEAR™ device has not been tested for any other conditions than those listed, and the risk is unknown. DO NOT use the Omnilux CLEAR™ device if you suffer from any photosensitive disorder (sensitization to light) of the skin or eyes OR if you are taking any medication that can cause photosensitivity. If you use the Omnilux CLEAR™ device and you are sensitive to light or are taking any medication that can cause photosensitivity you may cause a severe reaction.

Please consult the full list of Contraindications on the manufacturers website here


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