As a general rule we recommend the following:

Start with your cleansers, exfoliation and masks first.

Followed by your serums, allowing one to dry before applying the next.

Finally, ending your routine with moisturiser and then an oil.

Our TFS topical range of products are both pregnancy and breastfeeding safe. You can visit the Osmosis page here to learn more about their Retinal friendly serums.

Please note our internal health ranges require a consultation with your maternity health care provider prior to use.

This all depends on your current skin condition and the products you are using. It is normal to experience a change in your cell turnover when commencing a new product that may be more 'active' or stimulating, however if the 'purge' persists into a rash or pustule, please discontinue use and consult with your skin therapist.

As our skin's lifecycle is at least 6 weeks, we recommend continuing with a new routine for at least 2 months to gauge the results of the new cells coming through.

We recommend taking our comprehensive Skin Quiz here.

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