BL Nourish Lip Serum

BL Nourish Lip Serum

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BL Nourish Lip Serum is a single-plant extract of native Australian blood red finger lime.

Chosen for its natural healing and protection properties, the blood red finger lime is packed with 100% active natural phytonutrients that work in synergy to reduce redness, calm inflammation and leave lips softer and more supple than ever before.

Designed to treat cells on a deeper level, use BL hydrating lip serum for a regenerative boost during the day, or for a soothing & deep conditioning treatment overnight.



BL lip serum is a revolutionary serum unlike other glosses and balms on the market. Rather than sit on top of the lips causing congestion, the unique water-soluble formulation penetrates the skin’s deeper layers to regenerate cells, increase suppleness and aid hydration while providing a clear shine.


Citrus Australasica (blood red finger lime), 0.2% Sodium Benzoate


  • Deep overnight conditioning treatment

  • Hydration burst throughout the day

  • Antioxidant protection

  • Clear shine

  • Smoothing and softening

  • Gently regenerate and exfoliate the surface of lips

  • Deeply repair damaged cells caused by inflammatory lip conditions

Apply BL Nourish Lip Serum before bed as an overnight deep conditioning treatment that regenerates and repairs lips while you sleep. BL can also be applied throughout the day for a burst of hydration and to give a clear shine.Twist the bottom of the dispenser to the right to push serum into the sponge applicator.Apply to dry lips before sunscreen and makeupApply throughout the day as needed

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