Balance Hormone Support - Capsules
Balance Hormone Support - Capsules
Balance Hormone Support - Capsules

Balance Hormone Support - Capsules

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60 Capsules of Balance Hormone Support

Balance has been created to help support your hormonal health.

No fillers. No artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives. Vegan friendly.


Take 3x capsules daily, with food. (this can be all at once, or separated throughout the day).


Chaste Tree (1500mg OR 1.5g): Vitex may reduce the emotional symptoms of PMS such as irritability, moodiness and physical symptoms such as changing appetite levels, premenstrual acne, tender breasts and low mood.

Peony (2000mg OR 2g): This beautiful herb may be effective for painful, irregular and heavy periods.

Withania (3000mg OR 3g): An adaptogenic herb that may help to enhance energy levels. It may also increase the the body’s resistance to stress and reduce anxiety.

Passionflower (1000mg OR 1g): May calm and nourishes the nervous system. Passionflower may reduce feelings of anxiety and promote mental clarity.

St. Mary’s Thistle (3000mg OR 3g): May protect the liver and enhance detoxification of hormones + toxins.

Ginger: This energetically warming herb may enhance digestion, reduce bloating and stimulate circulation.

Cinnamon: May balance blood sugar levels within the body, helping to reduce sugar cravings and regulate appetite.

Magnesium (100mg): May calm the nervous system, relax the smooth muscles of the uterus and reduce prostaglandins, therefore reducing period pain.

Glutamine (1000mg OR 1g): May support digestion by reducing inflammation within the intestinal tract and enhance nutrient absorption.

Zinc 5mg: An essential mineral that may regulate hormones, support the immune system and reduce inflammation + period pain.

B-vitamins: May enhance the body’s production of energy and nourish the nervous system.

PACKAGING: I am mindful of the environment and minimise impact where possible. Balance Hormone Support is contained in amber glass jars + orders are posted using recyclable cardboard boxes and decomposable foam balls. I encourage you to reuse the jar once you have finished its contents.

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