Meet The Team

Founded by the Functional Nurse, The Functional Skin Studio is dedicated to holistically achieving your aesthetic needs. We are so much more than just a Cosmetic Clinic. We incorporate a team of allied health professionals to help you heal, function and rejuvenate. 

This is a safe haven for our patients with aesthetic or skin concerns. We aim to delve deeper into your concerns utilising Nutrition, Naturopathy, Functional Medicine and Cosmetic Medicine. Our treatments and products will have you glowing from inside out and outside in. 



Madilyn- The Functional Nurse

Owner/Cosmetic Injector/Skin Nurse (RN)

I haven't always been this passionate about skin, in fact I have spent most of my life loathing it. I, like 10-15% of Australia's population suffer from a 21st century autoimmune disorder, eczema. Eczema is a skin condition we now know is closely linked to gut and liver health and internal inflammation. A skin condition however, that is treated with a bandaid approach of harsh steroids and topical creams.


For a good six years of my adolescent life, I followed the same cycle; Expensive Dermatologist appointment, expensive prescription for steroid cream, followed by the return of my eczema three months later. By the age of 18, I found myself at a loss with my skin, the eczema was in full force and I now had a face full of acne to match.

Visiting the Dermatologist or GP for these concerns, would take all of 10 minutes. They would visually assess my skin and then hand over a script for steroids, antibiotics and the contraceptive pill to ‘clear up my acne’. If one contraceptive pill did not succeed in clearing it up, I would then be put on to the next.

Failed by the conventional medical system, I began to delve into the world of functional medicine. I took a closer look at my diet and lifestyle, listened to my body's reaction to certain foods and spent most of my spare time completing short courses and researching articles by Functional Doctors and Naturopaths. It has been eight years since my last prescription steroid cream and I have successfully managed both my acne and eczema through nutrition and functional medicine alone. Of course I still have a flare up here and there, but it's usually the odd pizza or bottle of wine that's to blame. (Totally worth it though!)

My experience with problematic skin, drove me to become a Paramedical Dermal Therapist, where I worked for a Cosmetic Doctor for five years. I am now a Registered Nurse with my grad year spent working on a gastrointestinal ward, understanding the westernised methods of treating patients. I still keep my hand in ward nursing, however  my primary role now is as a Registered Cosmetic Nurse running my skin clinic. At the Functional Skin Studio I utilise my injectable training and liaise with allied health professionals to have my patients skin glowing from inside out and outside in.



Dr Alex Ha

Cosmetic Doctor (MBBS BSc(Med) FRACGP)

Dr Alex has a  Bachelor of Science (Medicine) Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. He is a professional member of the Australian College of Aesthetic Medicine and travels Australia injecting in many prestigious clinics. We are so lucky to have him not only as one of our prescribing Drs, but treating Drs also. Dr Alex has limited availability with us however, if you are able to snag an appointment, he does phenomenal work with Dermal Filler for tear troughs, temples, noses, cheeks, chins and jawline. Along with Antiwrinkle for all areas. 




Sabra Mantann

Nutritionist (BHN)


Sabra Manttan has been working as a nutritionist for over 3 years during which time she has worked with a wide variety of clientele from everyday individuals looking to improve their general health to semi professional athletes working on performance.

Sabra has worked with clients to help manage conditions that include endometriosis, PCOS, osteoporosis, cystic fibrosis, diabetes as well as skin conditions, everything to psoriasis and rosacea to acne and those sneaky hormonal outbreaks. By incorporating a holistic approach to wellness, each client walks away with the education, tools and nutritional support required to reach their goals and enhance their everyday life whether they follow a traditional, vegetarian or vegan diet.